Headquartered on Hong Kong, SANIOPTO HK LIMITED believes in the three principals: be number 1 in product quality; be number 1 in service quality; and be number 1 in price advantage. Saniopto focuses on technical innovation and human oriented management, and devote to building up the brand image of “green lighting” and providing a full scale solutions for lighting effect..

Saniopto is equipped with advanced instruments, strict production process, skillful employee team and scientific management, which guarantees a superior product quality. The products of Saniopto have been certified by EU CE, China CQC, China Saving Energy etc. The materials and ingredients of Saniopto fulfill the environment standards of EU RoHS. Saniopto promotes the sprits of green, healthy and eco-friendly.

The major products of the company include: 2U, 3U, and 4U energy saving bulb series, spiral energy saving bulb series, CCFL, and T4 and T5 fluorescent lamp series etc, ranging from small Watt (5W-18W) to big Watt (24W-125W) .
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